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Key Facts

Portfolio Strategy

The BMO MSCI India ESG Leaders Equity Index ETF has been designed to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the MSCI India ESG Leaders Index (Index), net of expenses. The ETF invests in Indian companies that have higher MSCI ESG ratings than their peers. The ETF invests in and holds the Constituent Securities of the Index in the same proportion as they are reflected in the Index.

Benchmark Info

The MSCI India ESG Leaders Index is based on the MSCI India Index, which includes large and mid-capitalization stocks across India. The Index aims to capture the performance of securities that have been assigned higher ESG ratings by MSCI relative to their peers and targets 50% of the market capitalization within each sector. The Index excludes securities of companies that earn significant revenues from tobacco, alcohol, gambling, conventional weapons and civilian firearms, any controversial weapons, significant generation of nuclear power as well as companies involved in severe business controversies. The portfolio is weighted by market capitalization and is re-balanced quarterly.

Fund Benefits

  • Designed for investors looking for growth solutions
  • Designed for investors looking to align their values with their investmentsĀ 
  • Exposure to diversified Indian equities
  • Professionally managed by BMO Global Asset Management

Risk Rating


Price & Performance

Performance Chart

Growth of 10,000

Chart comparing growth of $10,000. From START_DATE to END_DATE. Comparing FUND_1 and FUND_2. For more details, email [email protected] or call 1-800-361-1392.

Performance Details

Daily Prices

Daily prices table has 3 columns. Table columns are Unit Price as of Aug 15, 2022, 1 Day Change, 1 Day % Change
Unit Price as of
(Aug 15, 2022)
1 Day Change 1 Day % Change
Market Price $ 38.52 $ 0.40 1.05%
Price (NAV) $ 38.5569 $ 0.4330 1.14%


Annualized Performance

Annualized Performance (%) for period ending: Jul 29, 2022

Table for annualized performance. For period ending
1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year Since Inception
NAV -0.28% 22.65% 11.71% 10.98% 14.12% 8.08%
Index 1.13% 24.23% 13.18% 11.95% 15.07% 10.23%
Calendar Performance

Calendar Year Performance (%) for period ending: Jul 29, 2022

Table for calendar performance. For period ending
YTD 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
NAV -7.89% 25.77% 15.41% 6.98% 8.85% 34.30% -1.78% 10.49% 37.27% 6.62%
Index -7.49% 27.71% 16.88% 7.50% 9.82% 34.97% -1.64% 11.93% 38.15% 7.47%
Cumulative Performance

Cumulative Performance (%) for period ending: Jul 29, 2022

Table for cumulative performance. For period ending
YTD 1 mo 3 Mo 6 Mo 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year Since Inception
NAV -7.89% 6.42% -4.32% -7.33% -0.28% 50.42% 39.41% 68.36% 274.63% 164.86%
Index -7.49% 5.95% -4.87% -6.02% 1.13% 54.33% 44.98% 75.82% 306.87% 238.92%

ZID - The ETF started tracking the MSCI India ESG Leaders Index on December 13, 2021. Previously the ETF tracked the BNY Mellon India Select DR Index beginning on October 1, 2010 and changed to unhedged as of October 1, 2012. At inception it was tracking the BNY Mellon Index DR Index Hedged to CAD Index.


ZID - The ETF started tracking the MSCI India ESG Leaders Index on December 13, 2021. Previously the ETF tracked the BNY Mellon India Select DR Index beginning on October 1, 2010 and changed to unhedged as of October 1, 2012. At inception it was tracking the BNY Mellon Index DR Index Hedged to CAD Index.

Tax & Distributions

Distribution History

Each BMO ETF will distribute net taxable income to investors at least once a year. A BMO ETF will have taxable income if the income generated (for example interest, dividend, capital gains, etc.) by the securities within the BMO ETF is greater than the expenses of the BMO ETF. The distributions will either be paid in cash or reinvested in the BMO ETF at the discretion of the manager. The future distribution dates for BMO ETFs may change at any time and whether or not a distribution occurs will depend on the tax characteristics of the underlying investments.

The following table lists historical distributions and includes information about the frequency dollar value and tax composition of the distribution. The tax composition of the BMO ETF distribution will be determined on a yearly basis and will only be available after the BMO ETFs tax year. This information will be reported in an official tax receipt provided to investors by their broker.

Download Distribution History (Excel)
Table for distribution history. For period ending
Distribution Period

Future distribution dates may change without any prior notice.

Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Pay Date Cash Distribution Per Unit Reinvested Distribution Per Unit

Distributions by the BMO ETF that are not paid in cash should be accounted for by investors for tax purposes by adding the distribution amount to the adjusted cost base of the units held.

Total Distribution Per Unit
Dec, 2022 Dec 28, 2022 Dec 29, 2022 Jan 03, 2023 - - -
Download Distribution Tax (Excel)
ETF distribution tax table. Showing for year
Distribution Period Eligible Dividends Non Eligible Dividends Other Income Capital Gains Return of Capital Foreign Income Foreign Tax Paid Total Distribution per Unit for Tax Purpose

The exact tax treatment of the distributions for a calendar year is calculated after the BMO ETF's tax year-end. As a result investors will receive an official tax statement from their broker detailing the type of income they have to report for tax purposes for the entire year and not for each distribution.

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Holdings & Allocations

Daily Holdings

As of Aug 15, 2022



Cash and Cash Equivalents


Number of Holdings


Total Net Assets

$ 96,697,503.00

Download Holdings (Excel)
No column selected.
Daily holdings table has 5 columns. Table columns are Weight (%), Name, ISIN, Bloomberg Ticker, Base Market Value
Weight (%) Name ISIN Bloomberg Ticker Number of Shares Currency Base Market Value Sector Asset Class
13.08% RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD US7594701077 RIGD 147,022 USD 12,645,424 Energy Stock
12.72% INFOSYS LTD US4567881085 INFY 473,796 USD 12,297,362 Information Technology Stock
12.35% HOUSING DEVELOPMENT FINANCE CORP LTD INE001A01036 HDFC 297,686 INR 11,939,388 Financials Stock
8.04% TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD INE467B01029 TCS 140,069 INR 7,774,740 Information Technology Stock
7.41% RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD INE002A01018 RIL 166,796 INR 7,168,369 Energy Stock
5.44% HINDUSTAN UNILEVER LTD INE030A01027 HUVR 124,502 INR 5,256,975 Consumer Staples Stock
4.37% AXIS BANK LTD INE238A01034 AXSB 340,524 INR 4,224,667 Financials Stock
3.41% ASIAN PAINTS LTD INE021A01026 APNT 59,115 INR 3,292,803 Materials Stock
2.81% MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA LTD INE101A01026 MM 131,793 INR 2,716,329 Consumer Discretionary Stock
2.66% KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD INE237A01028 KMB 85,600 INR 2,576,289 Financials Stock
2.65% HCL TECHNOLOGIES LTD INE860A01027 HCLT 164,371 INR 2,563,346 Information Technology Stock
2.41% ADANI GAS LTD INE399L01023 ATGL 41,624 INR 2,327,949 Utilities Stock
2.40% STATE BANK OF INDIA INE062A01020 SBIN 268,319 INR 2,317,162 Financials Stock
1.73% ADANI GREEN ENERGY LTD INE364U01010 ADANIGR 47,413 INR 1,676,808 Utilities Stock
1.67% NESTLE INDIA LTD INE239A01016 NEST 5,098 INR 1,616,867 Consumer Staples Stock
1.51% HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LTD INE038A01020 HNDL 204,184 INR 1,459,939 Materials Stock
1.12% EICHER MOTORS LTD INE066A01021 EIM 20,748 INR 1,084,230 Consumer Discretionary Stock
1.09% GRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD INE047A01021 GRASIM 39,897 INR 1,054,515 Materials Stock
1.01% BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES LTD INE216A01030 BRIT 16,454 INR 979,898 Consumer Staples Stock
1.00% UPL LTD INE628A01036 UPLL 75,257 INR 967,397 Materials Stock
0.96% INFOSYS LTD INE009A01021 INFO 35,641 INR 928,224 Information Technology Stock
0.92% DABUR INDIA LTD INE016A01026 DABUR 93,745 INR 886,591 Consumer Staples Stock
0.83% HAVELLS INDIA LTD INE176B01034 HAVL 37,905 INR 798,256 Industrials Stock
0.80% INFO EDGE INDIA LTD INE663F01024 INFOE 10,732 INR 776,067 Communication Services Stock
0.77% HERO MOTOCORP LTD INE158A01026 HMCL 16,656 INR 749,017 Consumer Discretionary Stock
0.67% MARICO LTD INE196A01026 MRCO 78,268 INR 649,812 Consumer Staples Stock
0.66% SHRIRAM TRANSPORT FINANCE CO LTD INE721A01013 SHTF 28,700 INR 641,105 Financials Stock
0.64% PI INDUSTRIES LTD INE603J01030 PI 11,453 INR 622,657 Materials Stock
0.61% ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE CO LTD INE726G01019 IPRU 64,400 INR 587,328 Financials Stock
0.58% PIRAMAL ENTERPRISES LTD INE140A01024 PIEL 17,975 INR 561,008 Financials Stock
0.57% SHREE CEMENT LTD INE070A01015 SRCM 1,603 INR 551,292 Materials Stock
0.52% GAIL INDIA LTD INE129A01019 GAIL 235,400 INR 505,058 Utilities Stock
0.51% SIEMENS LTD INE003A01024 SIEM 10,749 INR 495,409 Industrials Stock
0.49% COLGATE-PALMOLIVE INDIA LTD INE259A01022 CLGT 18,528 INR 470,169 Consumer Staples Stock
0.48% BERGER PAINTS INDIA LTD INE463A01038 BRGR 41,737 INR 459,403 Materials Stock
0.40% LUPIN LTD INE326A01037 LPC 34,932 INR 387,334 Health Care Stock
0.40% INDRAPRASTHA GAS LTD INE203G01027 IGL 54,738 INR 382,958 Utilities Stock
0.29% ZOMATO LTD INE758T01015 ZOMATO 278,400 INR 281,562 Consumer Discretionary Stock
0.02% CASH - - 1 CAD 23,788 - Cash and Cash Equivalents

Holdings Breakdown

Sector Allocation

has a donut chart divided into 11 ranges. Ranges are: 29.48%, Information Technology.20.33%, Financials.17.93%, Energy.8.03%, Consumer Discretionary.7.26%, Consumer Staples.6.65%, Materials.2.74%, Utilities.2.72%, Industrials.2.7%, Health Care.1.8%, Communication Services.0.37%, Real Estate.

Geographic Allocation

has a donut chart divided into 1 range. The range is: 100%, India.